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What is UX and why is it important?


First things first, UX means user experience.

This is the experience that a user has when using your website. A good UX means the customer can perform what they came to do on your website and leave happy. A bad UX is being bombarded by popups and not knowing how to add something to your cart.

UX is the basis for how you should build a website. You should think about how it is being used, before thinking about how it should look.

Purpose > Looks

Being able to identify the few actions that a user will take, will help you build a better website for your users. UX is about removing as many barriers as possible for the user to get from point A to point B.

Some common barriers can include: cluttered menus, popups, long load times, a confusing checkout process, and more.

Ever had a popup you couldn't figure out how to close? Bad UX.

Some common UX fixes that eCommerce sites could implement include:

  • A simple navigation menu that makes it easy for users to find the pages they are looking for
  • High-quality product photos and detailed product descriptions that help users make informed purchasing decisions
  • A checkout process that makes it easy for customers to checkout
  • A responsive design that works well on a variety of devices
  • A search function that helps users find the products they are looking for.

Making things as easy as possible will make happier customers and improve conversions.

Is UX more than visual appeal? It's also functionality?

Yes, that's correct!

UX is much more than visual appeal. It is also about the functionality and ease of use of a website. It is not just about making the website look nice, but also about making it user-friendly and functional.

By focusing on both the visuals and the functionality of your website, you can create a user experience that is both satisfying and effective.